Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique

Earned SEO

I recently talked at a Figaro Digital event about the work we have been doing on Social SEO. It discusses the premise that much of the data Google, Bing et al are using to rank websites, have little do with things  SEOs can manipulate. Social signals are rewarded to a website for with for involvement, participation and interaction. Or […]

Social SEO

My discovery of social ranking signals earlier this year is finally becoming clearer. Though I still don’t believe the full story has been told. Last night Google announced a form of negative sentiment algorithm to penalize those with poor online reputations. Additionally, searchengineland has unpicked ratings and interviewed Google and Bing and gotten some straight […]

Blog spam of the week

Someone is doing a great business in blog profile link spam. Ive come across some beauties lately. Here are a few snippets. Completely I share your opinion. Idea good, I support Yes, good site redesign Thanks for making such a valuable blog, sincerely Kobos Mathers. Over 50 life insurance Anything about betting on twitter Comments […]


My much sought after ipad my be difficient. The netbook lives on until all these things are fixed … Please follow and like us:

The ‘other’ project marketing checklist

If you’re a really, really lucky marketer you’ll be asked to work on specific projects that are often one off situations like a price increase, a product or brand launch or a customer migration. These situations can be very taxing because might require skills that you don’t dust off much. Alternatively, they will require every […]

Usability errors or just lazy?

Every now and then as the person responsible for what goes on a website you miss something and think doh! So when I do this I make myself feel better by visiting known errors on bigger websites to see if they’ve been fixed. Here are my top three. (Why top 3? The problem with these […]

An m-commerce check list

I’ve just withdrawn our mobile product so we can for revise and (hopefully) relaunch something more suitable and more successful for our customers. What we have withdrawn are several text alerts and a user initiated send and receive service for data on shares. The product was good, well put together and reliable. However it never […]

Please, not another mini-site

Raboplus vs Kiwibank. Two big banks with two big brands. Both are very well put together brands staking a position in the market that is unique and compelling. You just want to be part of them both. But jump on the web and you can tell which one is really living the brand. In fact when you […]