Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique

Head of SEO

Well tomorrow I start the day as Head of SEO for Media Contacts.   An interesting turn of events and one I really wasn’t envisioning. Funny! It’s exciting as I’ve always had a vague idea how these sorts of services should be delivered but have always encountered everyone is pretty much following the pack. So in […]


Think social media doesn’t affect you? In NZ we’re finally seeing some traction on mobile network competition as the two main players start to quake at the thought of *gosh* a third player. Mobile companies have been creaming it for years in NZ and they’ve basically admitted to the fat in the margins with the […]

Embracing the internet

Having a conversation the other day it dawned on me that businesses, outside of the cool kids in marketing, really haven’t started to embrace the internet yet. An example where the way an HR department worked. They interviewed candidates only in their city. If someone wanted a job and they were from a different city […]

5 ideas using Google street cam

Google street cam has finally arrived on the web in New Zealand. It’s a lot of what was promised by the creation of a virtual world back in the ’90′s. Here are a few possibilities it presents to me. If you have any that come to mind, feel free to add it. 1. Virtual treasure […]