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Head of SEO at Unique

F Commerce – the fight for online advocates

No it’s not an expletive. F-Commerce is the brand many now apply to the those situations when you’re ‘doing business on Facebook’. I’ve come across an interesting white paper about F-Commerce today.

(READ: It was sent to me by our sister agencies marketing types).

There is a very good overview of everything about commerce in Facebook. I particularly like the diagram and explanation showing the social media perception gap from IBM. Essentially the gap between how consumers perceive the value of interacting with a brand (I want a discount) and what the brand thinks (they want to learn about me) is vast.

The key learning from the paper is that consumer brands can build advocacy using Facebook stores, creating valuable experiences and having those with good experiences advocate for the brand. The key vector then isn’t a fan but those who actively promote new product lines to their friends.

It fits very well with what we have learned with social and SEO.  The influencers are the key tangent to increasing rank, ensuring your content is seen and monetising social through search.

This means that whatever channel is being influenced by social, or for social itself, the fight will be for advocates. This paper outlines some very good techniques in winning that battle.

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