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Head of SEO at Unique

Happy birthday www

It’s 20 years old last Friday 6th August!

After the internet celebrated it’s 40th in 2009, Berners Lee’s www experiment is the next to shout.

I remember this as in late 1991 we too could jump on bulletin boards at Massey University in NZ via the Waikato Uni gateway (or was it ’92!).

Ever since that first fateful send and waiting for a reply that took 10 minutes from Stanford, I’ve been hooked.

In fact I’ve made a career from it.

From selling online yellow pages ads (outsold at the time by Quicktips voice recorded consumer info) to running an SEO unit after websites and web services in between.

SEO didn’t even exist as a term until about ’96ish. I know because the keywords we put in the online yellow pages posts had to work with the crawlers cataloging the web. Yikes who thought that would take off.

So thank you Sir Tim Berbers-Lee. You’re a champ. Because of you I’ve had so much fun and got paid at the same time.

And I love it you started it with a girlie pic as one of your first posts. ;)

Postscript: And how could I forget the colour of Amazon reviews that followed http://www.amazon.com/Looking-Best-David-Hasselhoff/dp/B0000070S1

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