Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique

Head of SEO

Well tomorrow I start the day as Head of SEO for Media Contacts.   An interesting turn of events and one I really wasn’t envisioning. Funny!

It’s exciting as I’ve always had a vague idea how these sorts of services should be delivered but have always encountered everyone is pretty much following the pack. So in the next while I’ll be pushing out a service that is more than SEO. It’s about time the channel achieved its promise and became more than ranking a domain and converting traffic.

I got to experiment with where I could take SEO while I was at DBL. Now with the interplay between multi-media, live and social data, traffic, web histories and Google coming to fruition I think SEO can really step up. My goal is to use SEO for content delivery that is no longer site centric.

Its time to mash into Google and make sites exist beyond the domain.

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