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Head of SEO at Unique

Please, not another mini-site

Raboplus vs Kiwibank. Two big banks with two big brands. Both are very well put together brands staking a position in the market that is unique and compelling. You just want to be part of them both.

But jump on the web and you can tell which one is really living the brand. In fact when you do jump; make sure it’s from their very good TV adverts to their websites.

The significant other at www.www.raboplus.co.nz, the clean and crisp message of ‘we just want your savings and a bit of fun on the side’ comes through strongly. Plus Ms Raboplus is nice to look at. Well done www.clicksuite.co.nz.

Now jump on www.kiwibank.co.nz to join the movement. Oh, sorry, you didn’t mean it?  Where is the movement bit? How do I join? Oh! It’s just an advert then.

So it’s all bollocks, it’s not real at all, you had me convinced but you didn’t continue the story so I might just keep surfing. Nice customer experience. Not!

Oh, sorry, you wanted me to go here www.jointhemovement.co.nz. Oh no, another minisite.

Everyone keeps telling me that the brand is the strategic component of a marketing plan – the feel, the story and the promise. So what’s with building the brand around ‘the movement’ and then disconnecting it from one of the most visited components of the business.

The Kiwibank minisite is great, it does everything the main website does not in delivering the story and a compelling reason to join. But why put all that time and effort into something that is not your main website. Simple, either a real lack of commitment to the brand or a real lack of understanding of the importance of the internet.

That quirky, nice brand I like so much in the advert and on the minsite gets destroyed by the main website. Worse are links from the minisite going from the warm, cuddly environment to a sterile environment.

Check out the the process to apply online for a credit card. It wouldn’t be hard to phish customers between the two sites and clearly the bank has not thought of that. In fact, start your own minisite and claim to be a Kiwibank advert. Buy from a brand and customer experience some could easily be confuse the landing page on the main website to be a different business altogether.

Sorry guys and girls but you are telling a story, creating a vibe and providing a unique selling point that gets lost completely when the customer arrives in the hostile, barron territory of your main website. It is time to show some commitment and live the brand through the website. Raboplus and more lately, www.anz.co.nz have shown the way. They are clearly miles ahead in this department.

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