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Ray Ozzies pastorama

After having a giggle at FakeSteve, I checked out the post in question. Internet services disruption is a step back in time to 2005. It examines the landscape and opportunities available setting a clear direction for Microsoft in the next 5 years. Excerpts include:

The power of the advertising-supported economic model. Digital Advertising to rule them all.

The effectiveness of a new delivery and adoption model. How search, blogs, fremium and closed-loop measurement and feedback systems will govern online consumption.

Not bad, in fact very spot on.

What really grabbed my attention was this “Maintaining continuous co-presence with intimate friends and family” online.

Pointed to as an opportunity Ray Ozzie was almost right. Except that continuous presence may also be any ‘friend’ from anywhere collected along the way. For Microsoft this became Xbox 360.

What also surprises me though was how they managed to miss the opportunity of in-game advertising. Massive saw it and profited handsomely.

I think this post teaches you that even when you  have the most visionary, intelligent people like Ray Ozzie working for you, other people can beat you. The organisation seems wanting in using this knowledge.

Another case in point?

The vision for continuous services, connected devices and seamless user experiences holding applications sold on free trial. Yet Apple beat them to that too.

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