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Why You Should Integrate a Reservation System Website with Google Calendar

One of the most sensitive industries in the world today is the hospitality industry. Customer service should be at its best, and that is the reason those in the business of hospitality should have a 360-degree view of their customers. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is through synchronisation of bookings with calendars in Google calendar for bookings. This allows a business to see customer details and bookings as they are.


Use Bookinglive to Synchronise


Using Bookinglive, it is now possible to synchronise various things in the reservation system. In the Google calendar, synchronise classes, workshops, all the bookings that have been made and tours with the selected calendars. One of the advantages of integrating your reservation system with Google calendar is that it is updated in real time on your mobile device. This has given mobile workers convenience since they can view the current status of the reservations from wherever they are.


Features of the Google booking system

advantages and disadvantages of online booking

Guests make group and individual bookings. With the Google booking system, you can display all bookings with ease, it works for multiple locations, you can see the staffs assigned, and you can display different resources such as vehicles. It is also important that you know the start and end date of the reservations that have been made. This will be possible, and if there are events that have been marked as busy in the booking system, you can read them back.


How does Google calendar for bookings work?


Over the last one decade, technological advancements have improved the way hospitality business operates. The manual way of doing things is no longer the way. The Google calendar booking system works in a different way from other booking systems since you can update bookings with ease. There are many advantages with this system besides being use friendly. Another thing is that you do not have to login to the system to make any amendments.


This is a Central Calendar 


If you asked any rooms division in a hotel, they will tell you that one of their biggest problems is over bookings. This happens when they do not have a system, reservations keep coming in, and they are confirmed. It becomes chaotic when guests check-in and there are no rooms for them. All this is avoided with a Google calendar booking system. In a hotel, the calendar shows availability of rooms, staff for the day, bookings and resources.


How is Google Calendar Updated?


This is one question that business owners, especially in the hospitality industry, keep asking. How can you update or modify a Google calendar. On an ad-hoc basis, you can log into the system and make the amendments that you require. It is not necessarily that you login to your booking system.


The Google calendar system makes tracking of reservations easy. Besides seeing the reservations that have been made, it is easy to see the most important customer details.

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